UATECH is a partner that helps tech entrepreneurs build their companies

  • We are not a venture fund
  • We are not a startup accelerator
  • We are a co-founder for IT companies

About us

UATECH is a team of serial entrepreneurs who both help founders launch their companies or invest in existing companies by helping them scale. We bring people, ideas and expertise together to put valuable products on the market. We seek high-potential IT projects with great founders who are in need of hands-on assistance and investment. By complementing each other’s skills, we strive for mutually beneficial results.

The UATECH team works side-by-side with portfolio companies to solve critical problems and push the frontier of growth. Our business model is simple. We support companies in all stages, but only in cases when we clearly understand the product, the market, and when the founders are similar to us in their values. In this way, we become as useful as possible for founders who are ready to focus on what they do best. We take care of the rest.

Our  strategy

Every year we enter no more than 1-2 companies in order to actively participate in projects as a co-founder.
We invite other IT entrepreneurs with the appropriate expertise for a specific co-founding project as partners.
We help companies with financing, market strategy, legal support, human resources, recruiting, digital marketing and traffic acquisition expertise.

We are focusing on:

Digital Marketing
This is our core competence. We have dedicated SEO teams, media buying experts, and comprehensive knowledge across digital marketing verticals. We're adept at forming new teams and acquiring established traffic-driven projects in the industry.
Web 3.0
In this direction we are focused on finding teams and ideas for decentralized applications. In our venture builder, we either provide early-stage capital to scale-up projects or hire founders and pay them to run the startups.
Software Development
IT Outsourcing Services, provided by Ukrainian tech companies, offer best Value/Cost ratio in the world. Our experience in investing, accelerating and exiting this business, makes us a very useful partner for growing companies in this segment.

Our Philosophy

We work without fakes and we don't focus on social media likes. We get a lot of pleasure out of doing work without self-deception and misleading others. We work for the sake of people, not for the sake of profit, creating absolute trust within the team. We strive to form sustainable business models in the endless game called business.

Our company has a worthy cause, which is to bring technology to all areas of the economy where it is insufficient. We believe that this will help change the lives of individual people for the better. We do not just like going to work, we sincerely love what we do, and this is the reason we wake up early in the morning. If you have similar sentiments, then we will be glad to see you as a part of UATECH.