UATECH goal is to bring technology and digital expertise to all areas of the economy

  • Growth stage investmens
  • Portfolio companies management
  • Social responsibility

Who we are

Our team can help with business structuring right up to the stage of entering IPO, or selling to strategic investors. We have extensive experience in acquiring «broken» business and recovering it through digitalisation and effective project management. However, our main value is experience in digital marketing, where we came from, and with the help of this expertise we can promptly increase the income of our portfolio companies.

UATECH team works side-by-side with portfolio companies to solve critical problems and push the frontier of growth. Our business model is very simple - we support companies in all areas of the economy, but only in cases when we can boost them by implementing our skills and innovations. Thus, we become as useful as possible for companies at the stage of growth.

UATECH investment strategy is focused on:

IT service and product companies: AdTech, EdTech, E-commerce, Fintech
Manufacturing with global distribution: Healthcare&Beauty, High-Tech Devices
Innovative Real Estate projects: Automated logistic hubs, Smart spaces development

Our Philosophy

We work without fakes and we don't focus on social media likes. We get a lot of pleasure out of doing work without self-deception and misleading others. We work for the sake of people, not for the sake of profit, creating absolute trust within the team. We strive to form sustainable business models in the endless game called business.

Our company has a worthy cause, which is to bring technology to all areas of the economy where it is insufficient. We believe that this will help change the lives of individual people for the better. We do not just like going to work, we sincerely love what we do, and this is the reason we wake up early in the morning. If you have similar sentiments, then we will be glad to see you as a part of our team.